Sales, Marketing + Customer Success

Growing and driving revenue has become a highly integrated process between Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. How companies strategically address their market and execute against their strategy is critical to their growth. This requires a team of skilled executives working collaboratively across all three disciplines.

True's Go-to-Market practice has deep domain experience in placing roles such as:

Chief Revenue Officers and VPs of Sales
Chief Marketing Officers and VPs of Marketing
Chief Customer Officers and VPs of Customer Success
+ other strategic hires

True Team

Pat Haggerty

David Ives

Shella Abe

Christian Boccuzi

William Bruce

Mark Burns

Thomas Chorliet

Alan Cork

Hugh Curran

Jennifer DeCastro

Jennifer Eckhardt

Duncan Evemy

Nick Fairclough

Kristin Godfrey

Ryan Hall

Talia Hamilton

Nell Thayer Heisner

Josefin Holmberg

Jasper Hopper

Sam Kaiser

Jared Kaplan

Austin Krissoff

Ryan Lupo

Tim McDonald

Joe Molinelli

Jay Nguyen

Ali Smith

Eric Tenety

Peggy Thompson

Barry Wahlberg

Giles Van Praagh

Emily Bain

Jeff Bruce

Danielle Felice

David Forsyth

Seth Funahashi

Josh Lax

Sunny McCall

Stephen Melia

Christy Mihos

James Paul

Giovanni Rodriguez

Ben Rosenbluth

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